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Bordetella parapertussis-AR-Ag

Bordetella parapertussis-AR-Ag
EAN Code: 8595635303241
Catalog number: BppAg5
Producer: TestLine Clinical Diagnostics s.r.o.

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Contact person:

Name: Ing. Michal Šteffl
Phone: +420 549 121 259

Bordetella pertussis - AR - Ag (5 ml - 10x conc.). Aglutinogen – component for agglutination reaction.

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·         Agglutinogens Bordetella parapertussis - AR - Ag (5 ml – 10x conc.) are solutions containing inactivated bacteria, causal agents of whooping cough. These solutions are intended for in vitro diagnostic purposes and they are considered to be keyreagents for agglutination reaction with specific antibody assay against bacteria Bordetella parapertussis in human serum.

·         Shelf life: 15 months.

Brief assay procedure:

1.       Apportion and mark the position of control solutions of the antigen and samples on microtitre plate.

2.       Pipette 50 µl of physiological solution into the all wells.

3.       Pipette 50 µl of examined sera into the first plate column (column 1), you obtain the solution 1:2.

4.       Transfer 50 μl of such diluted sera from column 1 to column 2 using 8-channel pipette, you obtain the solution 1:4. Mix solutions in the wells using this pipette and continue analogously with mixing till the solution 1:4096 (column 12).

5.       Pipette 50 µl of B. parapertussis - AR - Ag in working strength into the all wells.

6.       Mix thoroughly, use the shaking apparatus for 15 seconds.

7.       Incubate for 2,5 hours in the wet cell using thermostat at the temperature 37 °C and then incubate for 18-20 hours at room temperature

8.       Evaluate results.


Have a question? Need a help?

Ing. Michal Šteffl


Phone: +420 549 121 259