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Toxo - CF - Ag lyophil. (1 ml)

Toxo - CF - Ag lyophil. (1 ml)
EAN Code: 8595635303562
Catalog number: Tg-KF1
Package size: 1 ml
Producer: TestLine Clinical Diagnostics s.r.o.

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Contact person:

Name: Leona Kopečková
Phone: +420 549 121 259

Complement fixation antigen (Toxo – CF – Ag).

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·         Antigen is prepared from protozoan Toxoplasma gondii cultivated in cell culture Vero. Lyophilisate. The antigen is preserved by Sodium Merthiolate.

·         Shelf life: 24 months.


·         The antigen is intended for laboratory diagnostics of the infection caused by Toxoplasma gondii with using of CFR method.

Brief assay procedure:

1.       Reconstitute the lyophilisate according to the used package with 1,0 ml distilled water.

2.       Dilute it with reconstituted antigen with the Barbital buffer in working strength by the specification mentioned on the label of antigen's bottle.

3.       Recommended working strength of antigen provides only orientation character and it is possible to check it by box titration.


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Leona Kopečková

+420 549 121 259

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