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Antibody Index Software

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Name: Ing. Tomáš Nácovský

Software for evaluation of antibody index – proof of specific intrathecal synthesis of antibodies against Borrelia sp.

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Antibody index – software enables evaluation of antibody index (AI), it is ratio of specific antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid and in serum and state of hematoliquor barrier and total immunoglobulin concentration in cerebrospinal fluid and serum, using diagnostic products TEST-LINE.

Material needed:

·         EIA Borrelia garinii IgG, IgM.

·         Borrelia garinii AI – Standard IgG, IgM.

·         EIA Borrelia recombinant IgG, IgM.

·         Borrelia recombinant AI – Standard IgG, IgM.

·         Both cerebrospinal fluid and blood taking at the same time.

·         Albumin, immunoglobulins IgG and IgM concentration values in cerebrospinal fluid and serum.

Brief assay procedure:

1.       Dilution of Borrelia AI - Standard IgG, IgM for standard curve.

2.       Dilution of serum and cerebrospinal fluid samples.

3.       Performance of routine EIA.

Evaluation using Antibody index – software:

1.       Recording of measured absorbance values of standard curve from Borrelia AI – Standard IgG and IgM and absorbances of cerebrospinal fluid and serum sample absorbances, albumin concentration and total immunoglobulins IgG, IgM in CSF and serum.

2.       Confirmation of registered values correctness.

3.       You will obtain handlist: AI value, sample evaluation.

Printout available in two types:

·         Brief (summary table for all evaluated samples).

·         Detailed (separate record for each sample with identification of the patient).


All results are archived in program database.


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Ing. Tomáš Nácovský