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BlueBLOT-LINE Bordetella IgA

BlueBLOT-LINE Bordetella IgA
EAN Code: 8595635306860
Catalog number: BD-BpAL24
Package size: 24 tests
Regulatory status: IVD CE
Storage: 2-8 °C
Producer: TestLine Clinical Diagnostics s.r.o.

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Contact person:

Name: MUDr. Jana Dočkalová
Phone: +420 549 121 205

The immunoblot assay is intended for the diagnosis of Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis infections using IgA antibodies in human serum or plasma in the general population. The semi-quantitative automated assay is designed for professional use in a laboratory.

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·         Each single test contains all the reagents (ready-to-use) necessary for performing the test.

·         Antigen used: combination of selected parts of the specific antigens of Bordetella (B. pertussis - pertussis toxin (PT), filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA), adenylate cyclase toxin (ACT), tracheal colonization factor (TCF), B. parapertussis – outer membrane protein (Pertactin), adhesion (FimN), entericidin A (EntA).

·         Recombinant antigens are transferred to the nitrocellulose membrane, if specific antibodies are present in the sample, they will bind to the respective antigens. The complex is labelled with Conjugate and detected through a colour reaction with substrate.

·         Short incubation periods, total assay time: approximately 1.25 h.

·         Evaluation using Immunoblot Software (TestLine).


·         Laboratory test for the detection of B. pertusis and B. parapertussis, confirmatory test to ELISA.

Brief assay procedure:

1.      Insert testing strips and cartridges into the BlueDiver Instrument.

2.      Pipette samples.

3.      Fully automated incubation and washing steps in BlueDiver Instrument

4.      Incubation 30 minutes.

5.      Wash 3 x 2 min.

6.      Conjugate dispensing.

7.      Incubation 20 min.

8.      Wash 3 x 2 min.

9.      Substrate dispensing.

10.   Incubation 10 min.

11.   Wash 1x 2 min.

12.   Evaluation of test results using the BlueScan scanner and Immunoblot Software.