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Elimination of the paper version of the Instructions for Use (IFU) in the kits.

 Dear Customers, Dear Partners,

 TestLine Clinical Diagnostics is announcing termination of the paper version of the Instructions for use (IFU) within our products. The first kits without printed IFUs will be released during February 2022 and the change will apply to the whole company portfolio.

This way, we are trying to minimalize the environmental impact of our products and simultaneously make our services more effective. Below please find the detailed guidance on how to get to the IFUs. 

Download and print your eIFU from web

·         The IFUs are free to download from our website which is available 24/7.

       ·         To  acquire the electronic IFU, you need to go to our website and enter the LOT number into our search tool. (see picture below)

·         Thereafter, a page with the list of essential documents for the respective LOT will be shown.

      ·         These documents include IFUs, Quality Certificates and Certificates of analysis specific for the entered LOT.

       ·         All of the mentioned documents can be downloaded or printed.   

eIFU information on the label on the kit 

There is newly added information about the IFU version on the product label. This serves to easily distinguish between various versions IFUs – depending on the LOT, IFUs may differ. 

Find current version

The version of the IFU can be found at the footer of the page.  

The IFUs can also be requested by e-mail. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at or ask respective Local Area Sales Managers for more information.

 We believe that this change is a step to a better and more sustainable future for our products and that it will strengthen the integrity of our company and its goals.

 Sincerely, Yours TestLine team.