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Immunoblot Software

Immunoblot Software
EAN Code: 8595635311338
Catalog number: SwIm03
Package size: 1 pcs

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Contact person:

Name: Ing. Jakub Křístek
Phone: +420 549 121 236

The software assists in the diagnosis of physiological or pathological conditions by reading the intensity of the staining of antigenic lines on individual strips after reaction with samples of human serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid or synovial fluid in the general population. The qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative automated system is designed for professional use in a laboratory.

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Software information:

·         Enables standard evaluation of blot tests while ensuring straightforward and easy processing eliminating errors.

·         Effective and user friendly solution for reliable guidance through every blot assay.

·         Significantly increases the speed and precession of the evaluation.

·         On/Off option for individual determinations at kits enabling the possibility of differential diagnostics.

·         Enables connectivity to laboratory information system.

·         Usable with any type of office scanner.

·         The software enables saving and printing of two Results types - summary or individual.

·         Summary results protocol includes all the analyzed strips and their evaluation.

·         Individual results protocol includes detailed information of an individual strip.

Current version of the software: 1.9.0.

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Software download and launching procedure:

1.      Click on the link above.

2.      Depending on the internet browser you are currently using, download window will appear.

3.      Select „Save File“ and choose a folder where to save the downloaded file (if you are downloading the file on different PC than where you intend to install and use the software, we recommend to save the file on a portable media first and afterwards perform the installation on the computer intended for the software).

4.      Open the downloaded file, installation menu will appear. The menu will guide you through the process of installation, the own installation process is described in the user manual.



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Ing. Jakub Křístek

+420 549 121 236