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EAN Code: 8595635303463
Catalog number: Ps0050
Package size: 50 tests

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Contact person:

Name: Mgr. Miroslav Herczeg
Phone: +420 549 121 273

Diagnostic test for the rapid differentiation of Enterococci from the group D Streptococci and differentiation of Streptococcus pyogenes from other haemolytic Streptococci.

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·         PYRstrip is an enzymatic test for detection of pyrrolidonyl peptidase (PYRase), an enzyme produced by all common species of Enterococci and 98% strains of S. pyogenes. Detection of PYRase is sensitive, reliable and rapid method with wide use. It is substantially more suitable than tests employing bacitracine discs for differentiation of S. pyogenes strains and tests applied for grouping of Enterococci. PYRstrip can be also used for identification of G+ genera, catalase negative cocci and coccobacilli.

·         The kit enables 50 pcs.

·         Shelf life: 24 months.


Microbiological diagnostic test for rapid differentiation between Enterococci and group D Streptococci and between Streprococcus pyogenes strains and other haemolytic Streptococci.

Brief assay procedure:

·         Wipe off several suspect colonies from a Petri dish by the paper zone of diagnostic strip.

·         After 5 min. apply approximately 5 µl of developing reagent to the paper zone by plastic loop or micropipette tip.

·         Evaluate results.


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Mgr. Miroslav Herczeg

+420 549 121 273