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Determination of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

1. Correlation of results of our kits with reference VNT method (Virus Neutralization Test) and compliance with WHO standards

In a correlation study, we confirmed a high level of agreement between the results obtained using VNT and EIA COVID-19 RBD IgG, VNT and Microblot-Array (MBA) COVID-19 IgG kits as well.

In addition, thanks to harmonization with international standards, the kits can be used to monitor the level of antibody concentrations after vaccination over time.

  • Leaflet COVID-19_Correlation of VNT and EIA, WHO (here)
  • Leaflet COVID-19_Correlation of VNT and MBA, WHO (here)
  • Leaflet COVID-19_MBA, International Standards & reference reagents (here

2. Overview of post-vaccination reactivity

We tested the reactivity of our kits after vaccination with Pfizer, a significant increase in antibody levels was achieved after the 1st dose and its further increase after the 2nd dose.

  • Leaflet COVID-19_Post-vaccination study_EIA (here)
  • Leaflet COVID-19_Post-vaccination study_MBA (here)