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  • The future belongs to multiplex

    The future belongs
    to multiplex.

    Meet the Microblot–Array.
    Multiplex diagnostics
    in microtiter plate format.

Brings ELISA’s
high throughput to BLOT testing

Microblot-Array. Multiplex diagnostics in microtiter plate format.

Microblot–Array (MBA) is a new generation of unique, immunoblot array in a microtiter plate format. It is designed for efficient multiplex diagnostics, enabling the simultaneous detection of multiple markers which can save time and lower costs.
The technology eliminates the limited capacity of traditional BLOT strips and opens the opportunity for high throughput testing.
Processing can be performed automatically using open ELISA analysers. The evaluation is performed by the Microblot–Array Reader and software (SW). Results can be exported in various formats and the system can be connected to LIS.


Key benefits It’s a breakthrough!
What makes Microblot–Array so special?

  • Multiplex testing

    Multiplex testing
    up to 44 antigens
    in a single well

  • Wide portfolio

    Wide portfolio
    attractive, ever–expanding
    range of parameters

  • ELISA-compatible

    ELISA processors–compatible
    processing tests with
    your existing ELISA analysers

  • Efficiency

    both high–throughput
    and individual testing thanks
    to brekable wells

  • Quantitative results

    Quantitative results
    accurate and scalable
    thanks to integrated calibrators

  • Easy-to-use software

    Easy–to–use software
    comprehensive solution
    for test evaluation and reporting

How it works?
Microblot–Array method at a glance.

Microblot-Array method at a glance

The Microblot–Array uses the same principle as immunoblot but in a microplate format rather than a strip.
During the test, specific antibodies in the sample bind with antigens in a well. Next, the wells are incubated with a conjugate and bound antibodies react with the alkaline phosphatase labeled antibody. Visualisation of this reaction is achieved thanks to incubation with substrate solution. Distilled water is then added to stop the reaction. The Reader measures the colour change of the spots and the results are evaluated by interactive software.

The well contains control spots to both check for the presence of the appropriate conjugate and to confirm the reaction has been performed correctly. Calibration spots are used to generate a calibration curve, which allows quantification of the specific antibodies in the sample.

Microblot-Array method at a glance

Mgr. Lenka Pokorná, Ph.D.
„The Microblot–Array is a comprehensive solution for fast and accurate multiplex diagnostics. Combination of BLOT principle and ELISA workflow allows the use of existing laboratory equipment and keeps the setup costs down.“

Mgr. Lenka Pokorná, Ph.D. Development & Product Manager for MBA | Testline Clinical Diagnostics

Method & principle Multiplex.
So much to discover – in a single well.

Up to 5 BLOT tests in 1 ELISA–like well Method & principle

All in one. Perfected!
Tripled spots in MBA well left
no room for mistake.

Breakable wells for flexible testing. Every spot in triplicate:
Reference spots – used to orientate the SW during evaluation
Test control – checks the functionality of the test
Conjugate control – verifies presence of conjugate
4 calibration spots – creates a calibration curve for quantitative evaluation
Diagnostic spots – unique, highly specific antigens

Turn diagnostics into a symphony

Microblot–Array kit

Ready to use reagents: Positive control – solution containing specific antibodies
Conjugate – solution containing alkaline phosphatase labeled animal immunoglobulin
Substrate solution – buffer with BCIP and NBT
Universal solution – buffer for sample dilution and strip washing

Microplate Recombinant antigens are spotted in triplicate on a nitrocellulose membrane and fixed at the bottom of each well.
The microplate consists of 96 breakable wells, with each well representing one test. On the outside of the bottom of each well is a barcode for automatic identification by the reader.

Color–coded wells to distinguish between antibody classes:
IgG – blueIgA – greenIgM – red

Microblot-Array kit
Ing. Zuzana Gavačová
„The integration of BLOT principle into widely established ELISA wells is one of the key benefits of our method. This allows you to perform multiplex testing without learning new diagnostic procedures.“

Ing. Zuzana Gavačová Product Specialist for MBA | Testline Clinical Diagnostics

Diagnostic parameters Wide portfolio.
In the name of versatility.

  • Systemic autoimmune diseases Discover more

    Microblot–Array ANA *

    Microblot–Array ANA plus

    * Check availability in your country with our team.
  • Liver–Kidney diseases Discover more

    Microblot–Array Liver–Kidney profile in development

  • Autoimmune neurological diseases Discover more

    Microblot–Array Paraneoplastic syndrome in development

    Microblot–Array Limbic encephalitis in development

  • Endocrine antibodies Discover more

    Microblot–Array Thyroid disese in development

    Microblot–Array Diabetes Mellitus Type I in development

    Microblot–Array Endocrine antibodies (Thyroid disease, Diabetes Mellitus Type I) in development

  • Autoimmune gastrointestinal diseases Discover more

    Autoimmune gastroenteritis panel in development

  • ANCA Discover more

    Microblot-Array ANCA in development

Infectious serology
Ing. Michal Šteffl
„MBA’s portfolio is focused on making our product line as versatile as possible while maximizing the benefits of our technology. We’re continuously developing new parameters to provide you with the most comprehensive portfolio on the market.“

Ing. Michal Šteffl Head of International Sales | Testline Clinical Diagnostics

Workflow All you need, you already have.
Give your ELISA tools a whole new purpose.

  • 01Processing

    ELISA–compatible kits The processing of Microblot–Array kits is identical to the standard process of other enzymatic immunoassays and is compatible with ELISA instruments (automatic analyser, washer).

  • That’s it! Time to read the data.

    Microblot-Array Reader

    Microblot–Array Reader Insert the plate.
    If you want a coffee, you better be quick!
    Whole plate will be scanned within few minutes!

  • Click, click,… done!
    Software solution that cannot be easier.

    03Evaluation & Reporting
    Microblot–Array Software
    • Highly interactive SW with comprehensive reporting
    • Quantitative evaluation (U/ml) based on the combination of positive antigen spots
    • Automatic test identification
    • Intuitive and user–friendly guidance through the results evaluation
    • Complex image analysis
    • Optional manual control of spot orientation
    • Detailed results comparison between single wells and spots
    • Evaluation of the tests’ validity through control spots
    • Results can be exported in various formats
    • LIS connectivity
See for yourself. Play the video

See for yourself.
Play the video!

MBA leaflet
RNDr. Marta Seifertová, Ph.D.
„The whole workflow is designed with an emphasis on maximum effectiveness with minimal laboratory hardware requirements. Thanks to this, Microblot–Array can be seamlessly adopted by almost any diagnostic laboratory.“

RNDr. Marta Seifertová, Ph.D. Application specialist for MBA | Testline Clinical Diagnostics

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